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Healing Food Consulting contracts for a defined scope of work and related fees as a consulting agency, helping to achieve all necessary goals through the design and implementation of F&B associated services and operational management systems.

We specialize in sustainable plant-based hospitality concepts and work only with the highest standards. 


Operating Supplies & Equipment – Sourcing sustainable quality equipment and appliances. Calculating set-Up costs, including all the initial hard and soft costs required to the opening point.

Recruitment & Training – Assumptions and budget for the type and duration of all related training. Assembling the most qualified experts for the client's business, from campaign management and screening to selection, orientation, and training. 

Manuals & SOPs – Providing complete operational and training manuals tailored to each client's needs and projects.

Marketing & Media – Creating professional promotional videos, photos, and social media management.

Healing Food Consulting covers every business corner, from concept creation to the grand opening, repositioning, and long-lasting customer relationships.

Concept Development – Complete F&B brand concepts by researching and analyzing the client's personal and business goals, target market, positioning, cuisine, and other factors.

Operational Strategies – Defining clients' products and services, identifying customers and their needs, developing sales and marketing plans, budget planning, and more. 

Facility & Kitchen Design – Identifying all critical areas for F&B operations and helping design kitchens as per the land law, following the necessary guidelines, certifications, and more.

  • Finance & Operations

  • Property development

  • Project management

  • Marketing



  • Training & Mentoring

  • Talent scouting



  • Concept development & implementation

  • F&B design and development

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