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Meet The Tribe


Founder & CEO, Executive Chef, Executive Consultant

Kai Mueller

Kai is a determined dreamer and culinary revolutionist with a passionate and heartfelt mission to impact people's lives with the right plant-based food for healthy living. He is the founder of Healing Food and holds the position of Corporate Director F&B, Health & Wellness, with YinYang.

With over two decades of experience in the luxurious hospitality world and numerous appointments within the culinary health and wellness industry, Kai has worked at various holistic business models as an Executive Chef, on a Corporate level, and as a Consultant. He also conducted more than 1,000 cooking classes with high-end clients and produced a variety of cooking demonstration videos and cookbooks. 

After achieving three "WELLNESS CUISINE of the YEAR" awards, Kai is prominent for his unique coaching approach, and his passion for creating healing food solutions within the wellness world. 


Resort Manager, Global Project Manager

Andre Miethig

Andre has been operating hotels with the insight of an experienced hotelier and a personal touch with a wide range of working experience from Germany, Austria, China, Maldives, Seychelles, Oman, and Cambodia. A forward-thinking and creative goal-oriented leader with the ambition to create an individual out-of-the-ordinary and holistic handcrafted experience for each guest.

Having worked for standing alone small luxury hotels and bigger chains, Andre followed over the last years the thread of his destiny and intense passion for wellness and sustainability in signature resorts like the Gili Lankanfushi, a former Soneva property in the Maldives, awarded for the best hotel in the world.


The journey continued in the iconic Zighy Bay retreat in Oman, a flagship from Six Senses, before moving back to Asia in one of the latest additions from Six Senses, the Koh Krabey resort on a private island at the Cambodian Coast where local culture, design, architecture, sustainability, and wellness are combined before joining as a consultant the team of Olaf Schulz-Lobeck for FX Mayr China, a holistic medical wellness concept.

Preserve the past – create the future. Combining the knowledge of our ancestors with learnings from the latest scientific findings while adapting to the current needs to create an environment to live a prosperous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Dr. Song Qinggeng

Dr. Song Qinggeng is a renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher.

Dr. Song was raised in China in the early 1970s and entered Shanghai’s University of TCM in 1992. Since graduating, he has earned 31 certificates in the various fields of TCM, and he both teaches and practices martial arts.


He nurtures in himself a natural gift as a healer and an interest in balancing energy or qi.

“Many illnesses result from the body’s qi losing balance,” he says, “For example; fear can lead to a loss of energy, whilst sorrow can cause lung problems.”.

Dr. Song specializes in spinal care and bone setting, a Chinese form of chiropractic work. He addresses neck and lower back issues and advises weight loss regimes for his patients. He is an expert in anti-ageing treatments, including acupuncture-based facial rejuvenation and advises on sexual health and female infertility.


Personal Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist

Caroline Edwards

Caroline is an experienced and certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the Health, Well-being/Wellness, and Spa industry. She is skilled in functional movement, muscle building and fat loss, movement without pain, mental health, and assisted stretching and massage.


As a personal trainer (Level 3 Diploma) and having worked under a 121 mentorship of Dominic Bowser,  sports medicine professional, Caroline gained incredible knowledge and invaluable experience to boost her skillset way beyond any self-learning capabilities.


Caroline gained experience with 121 clients, group classes and creating fitness style events to make exercise and health more interesting.


She studied new massage techniques to complete her already extensive massage skills. Those are essential for assisted stretching, which is an excellent modality for fitness professionals.


Marketing & PR, Customer Service Expert

Manuela Beyer

​Manuela studied Media Production, holds a master's degree in computer science (Dipl.-Inf.), and worked in advertising. In her late twenties, she decided to quit her job in Germany and set off to explore the world.

After two years of extensive traveling around Australia and Southeast Asia, she settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand's top north. Her professional career took an unforeseen turn in the direction of customer care and operations management.

Acknowledged quickly by her new employer for her open-minded personality and strong work ethic, she was offered the position of Operations Director after only one year of employment. Manuela helped build up a professional international business services company from eight employees at her entry to over 300 by leaving. CLBS Ltd. is now the largest employer of foreigners in Northern Thailand.

Her most significant strength is training, managing, mediating, and motivating large cross-cultural groups and implementing an exceptional customer-care mindset, which is the basis of every successful business.

During her "free time," Manuela always worked as a creative mind and designer on various private and professional projects, which is still her big passion.

Manuela is now based in Germany again, focusing on helping businesses to optimize their customer service. She is also the co-founder of Healing Food.


Ethno-Botanist, Plant Science (PhD)

Dr. Lisa Offringa

Dr. Lisa is an applied research scientist trained in medical and nutritional ethnobotany specializing in plants used for medicine and plant-based foods for potential medicinal uses and increased well-being.


She completed her postdoctoral research with the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the School of Medicine at Stanford University and continues her work there as a Research Fellow. Her research at Stanford focuses on plant-based foods and incorporating wellness-building phytochemicals into the daily diet.


As a Research Fellow, Lisa conducted clinical research on mindful eating techniques and continues to research the diversity of dietary plant fibers and their effect on human health.

She is active in education and public outreach, from instructing middle school students about plant-based medicines to guiding Stanford employees in ways to eat more plant foods, fiber and increase their wellbeing using plants. Lisa taught plant sciences at San Jose State University, in the Biology Department at San Francisco State University, Health and Sustainable Food Systems at Stanford University, and was a lecturer of Integrative Biology at the University of California Berkeley, focusing on evolution, ecology, and plant sciences. She is also the Botanical Director at the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and is the Botanical Rotation Director for the Pediatric Integrative Medicine Fellowship at Stanford Hospital.

Lisa received her doctorate in a joint program between The Graduate Center at The City University of New York and The New York Botanical Garden. She investigated medicinal plants from Northern Thailand used by traditional healers to treat memory disorders in the elderly. This multi-year international project involved anthropology, botanical identification, phytochemical analysis, development and implementation of both in vitro and in vivo studies, and collaboration with numerous international government bodies to ensure rigorous and ethical research practices. Lisa received her PhD in Plant Sciences and has extensive training in all aspects of botany.

At the core of her career as a researcher and educator are preserving global biocultural diversity by emphasizing the importance of plants used for food and medicine and raising awareness of the connection between our food systems, our health, and the preservation of the environment.


Wellness & Fasting Coach, Retreat Leader

Dieter Buchner

Dieter enjoyed a successful career in the hospitality industry in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, working as Director of Well-being & People Development with brands such as Hyatt International, Banyan Tree, Rezidor, Mspa International, and Fusion Hotel group.

During a one-year sabbatical, Dieter studied Massage Therapy in Hawaii and Thailand and got fascinated with the potential of complementary therapies to create higher levels of well-being. His experiences prompted him to pursue further studies to inspire and empower people to embrace positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Dieter creates wellness concepts and converts these concepts, philosophies, and values into service behaviors. 


He develops high-impact training programs rolled out to all members of an organization to create a unique and consistent guest experience.


As a certified wellness coach, retreat leader, and Buchinger fasting coach, Dieter also consults on developing wellness retreats, focusing on Fasting and Detox.

Andre Tse

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Dr. Andre Tse

Andre Tse is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, a teacher of Qi Gong, and a holistic wellness consultant.


In 2006 Andre earned his Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon, voted best TCM education in the USA since 2014.


He then deepened his understanding of Chinese Medicine with a clinical internship at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China’s oldest and most highly regarded university for TCM. 


Andre has practiced Chinese medicine throughout his career in the United States, China, Thailand, India, and now in Melbourne, Australia.


He primarily uses a combination of Chinese and Taiwanese styles of Acupuncture, Spirit of the Points acupuncture, Tuina Chinese medical massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, and Qi Gong in his treatments. Dr. Andre also advises on Chinese dietary therapy based on food energetics.


Andre has a strong focus on treating various acute and chronic pain conditions using a combination of Tuina Chinese medical massage and Acupuncture. 

Andre is board certified by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency and a member of the Federation of Chinese Medicine Association.


Executive Management Consultant, Coach for Emotional Intelligence

Daniela Reinert

For almost a decade, Daniela has advised and supported managing directors in successfully managing and developing their companies and employees, especially on personnel and management issues. She helps with the recruiting process and is a master of putting together winning teams.

Daniela holds a degree in business administration, is a certified coach for emotional intelligence, and thus combines an emotional and economic perspective. This combination enables her to create an overall context and bring in different perspectives. 

She specializes in Employer Branding setting the base for long-term recruiting solutions. She develops business concepts where employees are keen to work for her clients and stay loyal for years. 

Her recent and ongoing coaching projects include government contracts for the armed forces of Germany (Bundeswehr) as well as corporate contracts for the Allianz Group. 

Recognizing and naming problems and finding tailor-made solutions are crucial. Daniela supports this with appropriate development and coaching approaches.

"Customers are people; employees are people; managers are people. Whoever understands people understands corporate management."

Dr. Song
Andre Tse
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