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  "WELLNESS CUISINE of the YEAR" award at KAMALAYA Koh Samui  

Professional F&B Consultancy

Healing Food Consulting works with business organizations, private owners, and developers worldwide. We conceptualize sustainable and plant-based hospitality projects with our clients and accompany the complete process from the beginning to operational implementation.


But our work doesn't stop there; we provide our services to medical facilities, elderly homes, business startups, private clients, and health-conscious canteens within schools, universities, and companies.


Healing Food Consulting's unique tribe of specialists led by Kai Mueller helps your business evolve into unimaginable possibilities. Our wealth of knowledge within the wellness industry, medicinal plant research, paired with production, operational and marketing expertise, offers our clients comprehensive results.

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Kai Mueller

About Kai Mueller

Kai is a determined dreamer and a culinary revolutionist with a passionate and heartfelt mission to impact people's lives with the right plant-based food for healthy living. He is the owner and CEO of Healing Food Consulting, the founder of VitalityMeals for a better tomorrow GmbH and holds the Corporate Director F&B Health and Wellness position at YinYang.

With over two decades of experience in the luxurious hospitality world and numerous appointments within the culinary health and wellness industry, Kai has worked at various holistic business models as an Executive Chef, on a Corporate level, and as a Consultant. He also conducted more than 1,000 cooking classes with high-end clients and produced various cooking demonstration videos and cookbooks. 

After achieving three "WELLNESS CUISINE of the YEAR" awards, Kai is prominent for his unique coaching approach and passion for creating healing food solutions within the wellness world. 

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Healing Food Tribe

The Healing Food tribe consists of multifaceted, highly trained professionals such as chefs, doctors, healers, plant scientists, nutritionists, body experts, coaches, and hospitality and marketing experts. 


Our tribe thrives on the desire to provide clients with the highest level of personalized consulting services. Their collective experience includes working with hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants, cafés, product manufacturers, business startups, universities, and private clients. 


Dr. Lisa Offringa

(Ethno Botanist,
Plant Science (PhD))


Andre Miethig

(Resort Manager,
Global Project Manager)


Healing Food Consulting works with renowned clients on various prestigious projects worldwide, supporting their vision, building successful businesses, overcoming their challenges together, and building effective, long-lasting strategies. 

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Client Testimonials


Pamala Baldwin, Executive Search for Ultra-Luxury Lifestyle Remote Resorts & Founder of YinYang, Int'l extraordinary lodging alternative concept for UHNWI.

"As I work with the top 1% of VIP clients globally, it is of utmost importance that I also work with the top 1% of professionals to cater to my exclusive and sophisticated guests and clients.

This is just one short story of my experience with Kai on our latest business trip to Uganda, Africa: 
Day by day, Kai was asked by the country's most influential movers and shakers to whip up dinners for the government's President, many Ambassadors, and industry leaders. With only hours' notice, Kai planned and executed world-class healthy 8-course meals with stunning success.


On one occasion, he was supported by the country's number one hotel (LHW) fine dining brigade. His modest, warm demeanor, teaching and patience inspired the brigade and won their hearts, resulting in impeccable delivery. Between each course, Kai entered the dining area to explain the dishes and their healing benefits - resulting in stand up applause.

It was perfection - Kai is an innovative genius and clearly a Game-Changer as a Healing & Beauty Foods Chef / Consultant". 

Karina Steward

Karina Steward, Founder of Kamalaya

"Over the many years we have worked together, I found Kai to be professional, trustworthy, and reliable.  It has been a truly rewarding experience.
He is dedicated and enthusiastic about healthy food and local ingredients. His culinary creativity is outstanding. In addition to bringing his culinary experience and creativity to his work, Kai is able to professionally lead his team and create loyalty and consistency.
Kai’s leadership is remarkable, taking care of his local team, focusing on development and coaching. He developed top talents within the culinary team who are still part of our leadership team today.
I have now known Kai in a professional capacity for over 15 years. I can give no greater recommendation than to say that I would not hesitate to work with Kai again in the future."

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Please get in touch for more information or book a strategic phone call for the first assessment of your needs.  |  Whatsapp +49 1520 6136933

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